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130 Beautiful Nail Art Designs Just For You – Hello Pretty Nails (part 3)

81. Let those nails sparkle and shine!

Creative Nail Art Designs

82. Shades Of Gray Nail Art

Use a glitter nail paint and add some design on it to make it unique.

DIY Nail Art Designs

83. Add some stripes and glitter and transform your nails.

Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2016

84. Net Pattern Nail Art

A light color base and some nail art tools will help you in achieving this look.

Nail Designs and Pictures

85. Use a gray base paint and with the help of a nail brush add a design of your choice.

Simple Nail Art Designs

86. Pebbles Nail Art

Class it up with this polka design. Use a matte finish nail paint and a toothpick to nail this look.

Nail Art Gallery

87. Go crazy by having a different design on each nail.

Easy Halloween Nail Ideas

88. Simple sweater design to match your cute outfit.

Nail Designs Ideas

89. Use your imagination and paint those nails black and white!

Nail Art Ideas

90. Glitter and geometrical shapes together look mesmerizing.

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91. Funky Nail Art

Stiletto nails with wacky designs.

Beautiful Nail art designs

92. Snowman Nail Art

Bring the joy of Christmas on your nails! Use the Christmas colors and paint cute snowflakes, snowman and Christmas trees on your nails.

Best Nail art

93. Elegance defined on your nails.

Nail Art

94. Glitter and nails go hand in hand!

Christmas NailArt Designs Ideas

95. Tribal love.

Nail Art Designs

96. Gelish Nail Art

Engage a professional nail artist to get this semi-nude look for your nails.

Creative Nail Polish Trends

97. Contrast Nail Art

Give your nails a contrasting look by painting them alternately with different colors and designs.

DIY Nail Art Designs

98. Sheer Nail Art

Try this translucent design to add a softness to your nails.

easy nail art designs

99. Show your love for bling with this silver and rhinestones design.

Galerie Nail art

100. Scenic Nail Art

Nature on your nails. Paint the base with a dark color and then using a nail brush add some nature designs with a light color.

Simple Nail Art Designs

101. Use two different colors and get creative with your designs. Make sure to use a light color and a dark color to get the desired effect.

Best Nail Designs

102. Tiles Nail Art

Block it up with colorful blocks on those beautiful long nails.

Summer Nail Art Designs 2016

103. Be unique by painting random designs on each nail.

Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2016

104. Get an edgy look with this combination of gold and maroon!

Nail Art Gallery

105. Crown Nail Art

Black, white and rhinestones – pair them up together to get wonderful designs.

Nail Designs and Pictures

106. Matte And Glitter Nail Art

Love black? Use matte black and glitter and see those nails shine!

Nail Designs

107. Shocks Of Pink Nail Art

Pretty up those nails in pink and match them with your favourite pink outfit.

Flower Nail Art Design

108. Angular Designs Nail Art

Aiming for a classy look? Try this dark blue base with colorful angular designs.

Spring Nail Art Designs

109. Shells Nail Art

Let those nails sparkle and shine with some glitter and stones!

Nail Art

110. Polka Dots Nail Art

All you need are two different nails colors and a toothpick to show the world your love for polka!

Summer Nail Art

111. Black and gold is a match made in heaven

black and gold is a match made in heaven

112. Beach Nail Art

Decorate your nails with the charms of the ocean

Decorate your nails with the charms of the ocean

113. All that glitters is not gold

All that glitters is not gold

114. Rainbow Nail Art

Rainbow nail art design to bring some color to the gloomy rainy day

Rainbow nail art design to bring some color to the gloomy rainy day

115. Matte Finish Nail Art

Get ready for fall with this ultra-modern nail art design

Get ready for fall with this ultra modern nail art design

116. Ombre Nail Art

Bring a sunburst on your nails with Ombre effect.

Ombre Nail Art

117. Half Moon Nail Art

Simple, sophisticated and every day style is here.

Half Moon Nail Art

118. Palm Trees Nail Art

Put on your holiday mood with these palm trees nail pattern

Palm Trees Nail Art

119. Roses Nail Art

Get a professional to paint the nails with pretty detailed rose designs and flaunt them this prom party.

Roses Nail Art

120. Heart Nail Art

Wear your hearts on your nails this valentine’s day.

Heart Nail Art

121. Wedding Nail Art

Let the nails sparkle and shine on your big day.

 Wedding Nail Art

122. Candy Cane Nail Art

How about a trick or treat theme right on your fingertips? Cool isn’t it?

Candy Cane Nail Art

123. Sand Nail Art

Beach, sand, shells and much more painted on nails speak volumes about your chilled out nature.

Sand Nail Art

124. Zebra Print Nail Art

The most famous among stripes are of course the zebra prints, so wait no more and get this manicure in colors of your choice.

Zebra Print Nail Art

125. Galaxy Nail Art

Get the skies to dance on your finger nails with this intense galaxy theme

Galaxy Nail Art

126. Hello Kitty Nail Art

Hey, Kitty Kitty!! Sweet, cute and adorable nail art to try!

Hello Kitty Nail Art

127. Hibiscus Nail Art

A hibiscus flower on your nails can light up your day

Hibiscus Nail Art

128. Hipster Nail Art

Go funky and peppy with the trendy and chic nail art theme

Hipster Nail Art